Our Roadster Classic frame makes a statement alongside other gadgets and gear in WIRED's Design Life issue.


January 10 2014

For true rocker style, the Dutchi is the perfect city bike.


November 15 2013

A Brooklyn press event with Ford and SHFT featured Linus Bike as one of their roadtrip essentials.

SHFT Press Event

August 20 2013

The Roadster Classic makes this tastemakers' wish list with its vintage style...

Indianapolis Star

December 14 2012

Outside Magazine urged its readers not "to be fooled by the good looks" of our Gaston 3, which, "is plenty stable and spirited enough for dodging in and out of traffic."



June 01 2012

The Linus Roadster Classic steals the scene in any love story.

Town & Country

January 08 2012

Momentum highlighted the benefits of our Roadster Sport, "The upright riding position is easy on the body and frees the mind to look around while you cycle through the city. The bike is relatively light - only 14.5 kilograms for the large size - and is easy to handle. Style points aplenty! The clean lines and simple graphics match the mid-century French designs Linus took inspiration from. In addition, the affordable price is a major draw."


September 15 2011

Fourstar teams up with Linus Bike for a stylish 15 anniversary bike that we can all celebrate.

Monster Children

September 01 2011

Linus Bike's 8-speed gets you fit while looking urban cool.

DUO Magazine

September 01 2011

Treadlie Magazine shared our sage Mixte 3 and cream Roadster Sport with their readers, sharing, "Linus has caught our eye. Okay, there's a mixte in the range and that will work every time. The bikes are inspired by French design of the '50s and '60s and their philosophy is simple, affordable, elegant bikes for riding around and doing stuff. We like riding bikes and we like doing stuff - sold."

Treadlie Magazine

September 01 2011

Outside Magazine featured our Roadster Classic bike in cream sharing with their readers, "If you're looking for simplicity and affordability and don't have to deal with too many hills, this upright single-speed is a gas. Fatter 32mm tires soften the potholes, braze-ons let you mount a rear rack and fenders, and the coaster brake may actually make you feel like a kid again."

Outside Magazine

May 01 2011

"Wool scarf? Check. Ray-Bans? Check. Mustache? Check. Alrighty then, it sounds like we’re all suited up for a ride on the Linus Gaston 5."

Wired dubbed our Gaston bike the bike built for handsome daredevils.




April 21 2011