Dual Kickstand


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Dual Kickstand

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Reliable support for extra cargo

Tired of your bike tipping over when you try and park it with extra cargo? The Linus Dual Kickstand helps make your bike stable and safe to park. Both legs fold neatly, clear of the pedals. This is a great addition for any bike with child seats, baskets, or panniers.

  • Sturdy Alloy Construction
  • Adjustable Leg Height
  • Reliable support for extra cargo


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Caleb G

    It works good for parking on grass and takes up less space parked then regular single sided lean kick stand. I have front basket too and make bike more stable with the dual kickstand

    The single one was nice too but due to front basket I tried duel leg and with on I like better then single currently so continue using dual kick stand . It was my first dual and probably use/get again if I get a second bike other than my roadster 3i

    Mark Wanek
    Love the new kickstand

    The stock kickstand was woefully undersized for use with loaded paniers. This new double-kickstand is constructed of stainless steel and will stand up (literally) to heavy use.

    Jeffrey Conover

    Love this kickstand. Heavy duty and a great little piece of engineering. Keeps the bike far more stable than a traditional kickstand. However, be aware that extra weight up front (heavy basket) is still difficult to manage with the kickstand engaged. That said, still easier to balance when parked than a traditional stand.

    Taylor Hunt
    Glad I got it

    I went back and forth on this for way too long. I wish I had bought it sooner. Very happy with the functionality as well as how my bike looks standing straight up at attention.

    Carl Schultz
    strong and secure

    great, really helps standup the bike anywhere. The legs protrude out a bit more than i'd like when they are folded up but it's a small trade off.