Crane - Hand-Painted Bell - Goldfish


Crane - Hand-Painted Bell - Goldfish


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New from Crane, the Hand-Painted Suzu Bell makes a genuinely unique gift. Given their hand-painted quality, each bell will vary somewhat from those pictured. No two bells are exactly alike.

Featuring timeless design and a spring-loaded lever strike mechanism, the clear tone is just as beautiful. The hand-painted Suzu goes great with classic bikes or your modern ride. All metal construction with durable plated steel clamp and striker. Redesigned clamp fits bar diameters ranging from 22.2mm to 26.0mm. Each bell measures 5.5 cm in diameter.




5.5cm in diameter

Country of origin:



Metal, steel


Clamp fits bar diameters ranging from 22.2mm to 26.0mm