Country Living on Germany's Southern Wine Road

Photographer Bob Sala and girlfriend June Storm take us on a tour through Germany’s southern wine region.


Words by Bob Sala.

We decided to visit all the smaller villages within 15 Miles distance around Landau. Villages like Eschbach, Klingenmünster, Edenkoben, Maikammer, St. Martin, Gleiszellen, Edesheim, Nußdorf. We took the scenic routes, visited the wine mountains of each village and ended most tours with local food and wine in the backyard of a wine maker. We also visited different parts of Landau including the weekly Farmer’s Market, that is very famous in the region. Sometimes we just stopped somewhere, sat in the grass, read books and listened to the wind.

Going by bike made it a little faster, while still being able to enjoy the mountains, the wine rows, beautiful sunsets and of course being able to have a few glasses of the wonderful wine of each village, before going home again. We got to know the region a lot better, found new bike routes that we have travelled even more often afterwards.




We packed a lot of water, blankets, my camera and lenses, books, warmer clothing for the trip back in the evening. Everything fit perfectly into my Market Bag and June’s Basket.