May 21 2019Dealer Spotlight: The Bicycle Stand Long Beach

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We have been in business since December 2011.

The cycling culture in Long beach is a wide range spanning casual commuters to amateur racers. We see a little bit of everything. Long Beach has a thriving vintage culture and bikes are included.

Our shop is focused on providing an experience that spans the ages of cycling. We would like to communicate a sense of history, evolution, and technology that ties all the ages of cycling together. You can buy a vintage bicycle from the turn of the 20th century at our shop or you can go for the newest carbon race machines from Giant or Bianchi. Most opt for a classic look with modern functionality and that is why Linus is such a good fit.

We have been a Linus dealer from the beginning in 2011.

What I love most about running a bike shop is getting to work on bicycles. All of the staff here eat, breathe, and dream of bicycles and cycling. I go through phases where I ride quite a bit and then there are other times I get into a zone and paint 10 bicycles. Cycling is such a deep and complex sport from the rider to the machinery there is a lifetime of knowledge to explore. Bicycles are like pets, the more you work with them the deeper and stronger the bond grows.

Favorite Linus bike may have to be the new Pronto 10. I think the Pronto offers a lot of competence on longer commutes and can be enjoyable on weekend randonneurs. Its weight, comfort, and performance, are surprising and positive. Hydraulic disc brakes give a next level quality feel.

Favorite Accessory is the Linus Deco tail light. An attractive and affordable fender mounted tail light with a chrome bezel a guard. Similar models from other manufacturers were clunky and expensive. This light ads a touch of class and is an easy up sell before the bike leaves the shop.