A Linus Love Story: Talking Valentine's with LPA's Pia Baroncini

February 11 2019

Linus Head Badge

February 04 2019

Linus Stories: Urban Geodes with Paige Smith

July 03 2018




Conversation with Jenny Walton

May 15 2018

Linus Stories: Almond Surfboards with David Allee

February 02 2018

Ariel Kaye, Founder of Parachute Home, loves the Dutchi 3.

Spotted in InStyle

November 21 2017

Gary Baseman x Linus

Gary Baseman paints some love on a mustard Rambler 7 in his latest show at Chainlink Gallery.

Gary Baseman x Linus

July 07 2017

Linus Stories: Ojai with Mikael Jorgensen

April 17 2017

In the spirit of summer, and days happily wasted in the sun and the salt we’ve teamed up with our friends at Sundry to make these lovely bikes. Nothing says summer like French stripes.

Linus x Sundry

June 19 2015

Zachary Quinto proudly debuts his new Coppertone Roadster Sport around the East Village, NYC.

Zachary Quinto in NY

June 16 2015

Rapt Studio has also collaborated with Salt Surf and Linus Bike to provide equipment, and commissioned artist Jason Woodside to paint a vibrant mural. The result is a space that reinforces the culture of the community and the people that inhabit it.

Make x Linus

April 09 2015

San Francisco-based artist and color lover, Kindah Khalidy took over our Instagram.

Catch the #KiNDAHxLiNUS adventures here.


#KiNDAHxLiNUS Instagram Takeover

April 09 2015