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November 18 2020

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September 17 2020

What made you and Nicholas decide to get bikes?
WHy a Linus Roadster Classic?

We were really struggling at first when covid hit. we were feeling anxious and separated from the outside world. We wanted to find a way to safely explore and experience bieng outside and enjoying time together. Right away we knew bikes were the perfect answer to our problem. Being creatives, we always want something we feel related to and inspired by, and that is where Linus and the Roadster Classic really made an impact on us. We knew this was the bike for us from the moment we saw it. We loved the classic vintage aesthetic and simplicity in its design, and we related so much to the vision of the Linus brand. It was a match made perfectly.


September 10 2020

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Los Angeles families,

Please donate your children’s outgrown bikes this summer to the Linus Showroom. We’ll clean and service it, then give it to an underprivileged child through our partners at Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing, and all the basic necessities every child deserves.

Donated bikes can be from any brand, and in return, Linus will offer you a 20% discount on your child’s next bike.


“We are so happy to be working with Baby2Baby to help get more bikes to more kids. My first bike is one of my fondest memories. It’s a key milestone of childhood, the first taste of independence, adventure and a world of possibilities. Not all families can afford a bike and not all kids get to experience this right of passage. My mom was a single, immigrant, working mother and it couldn’t have been easy.”

- Adam McDermott, Founder of Linus

The Linus Showroom is located at:

1817 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, California USA 90291

Hours: Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 7pm PST

Phone: +1.310.301.1866




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Emphasizing a sense of modernity and sophistication, we hop these elements provide every rider with a hint of our bike's origin and a bit of that Venice feeling

Linus Head Badge

February 04 2019

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